Second Life Molecules

This space is designed to index locations in Second Life where molecules appear.

Each page (listed on the left under navigation) contains various identifiers for a molecule that should allow for it to be found on search engines (especially Google) and the SLURLs (Second Life URL). Clicking on a SLURL will start Second Life and teleport the user to that location.

At minimum the InChI for each molecule should be included.

The molecules currently listed were created using Andrew Lang's (Hiro Sheridan in SL) molecule rezzer.

Islands Containing Molecules

  1. Drexel Island (mainly related to the UsefulChem project)
  2. Second Nature slurl (Nature Publishing Group's Island)
  3. NASA CoLab Space Medicine, Library and Archives


slm001 (Ugi product)
slm002 (Caffeine)
slm003 (Ethanol)
slm004 (Benzaldehyde)
slm005 (5-methylfurfurylamine)
slm006 (Imine)
slm007 (Camphor)


Information on protein structures of a variety of sizes and formats either deployed or available for deployment in SL.

Reaction Mechanisms

slr001 Mechanism for imine formation

Molecule Building Tools Hiro's Molecule Rezzer (Open SLedware)

SL Molecular Structure Group

There is now a Second Life group devoted to the topic of molecular structures and their use. More info...