Structural biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists and others may be interested to know that a number of 3D protein structures have been rezzed in SL. Many were built using scripts developed by Troy McLuhan. Data on these pages comes from the SiSL database (Structures in Second Life). The SL Molecular Structure Group provides a forum for those interested in this topic although activity has recently migrated somewhat to OpenSim grids (Q1, 2011).

Existing proteins (needs updating; dabbledb service ended 18th May 2011)

New proteins
  • Parsing PDB files for the protein rezzer based on Troy's scripts. This has only been tested with small, monomeric structures, e.g. 1t0c, 1rex. You will also need the Protein Rezzing Toolkit (see under Toolkits).

Peter Miller [SL: Graham Mills]
Andrew Lang [SL: Hiro Sheridan]
  • Web application for conversion of pdb file to sculpted prim
  • Region module for OpenSim: contact Olish Newman (New World Grid)

Peter Miller [SL: Graham Mills]

Protein rezzing demo from Peter Miller on Vimeo.

Google Custom Search Engine
This presently searches across this wiki (excluding SiSL output) and the PDB. As an example, try 1rex.